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Posted on 03-21-2016

Protecting Your Eyes From Blue Light

The average American spends half a day or more staring at some sort of screen: monitors or laptops, tablets, or smart phones.  While these devices make your life easier, they can do damage to your health and your eyesight. Screened devices like these give off high energy visible light, so-called "blue light," and the cumulative effect of this light can be serious. The human eye isn't very good at blocking out harmful blue light rays, so it's up to you to keep your exposure to a minimum.

Photo by John Martinez Pavliga

How to Block Blue Light

One of the best ways to minimize the damage you get from blue light is to reduce the time you're exposed to it. Take a break from your computer or device at least once every half hour, and look around the room to rest your eyes. Do tasks away from computers as much as possible, and substitute real-world entertainment for some of your digital favorites.

Even with these changes in habits, you'll still be exposed to an unavoidable amount of blue light. Protect your eyes from this endless glare by getting eyeglasses with a special blue light filter coating. These glasses block out the blue light just like good sunglasses protect your eyes from UV light outdoors. At Hobson Eye Associates, our eye doctors will be happy to demonstrate this coating and add it to your eyeglasses.

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking

Blue light has a number of detrimental effects on your eyes, ranging from annoying to serious. Having eyeglasses that protect your eyes from this light can prevent:

- Insomnia caused by eye strain
- Eye irritation
- Problems with healing cataract surgery
- Possible macular degeneration

If you have school children, adding blue light blocking to their eyeglasses can help improve their sleep, their concentration and their schoolwork. Children who aren't bothered by strained eyes are more able to study for longer periods, giving them a better chance at learning than before.

For any questions about blue light exposure or to make an appointment to see our eye doctors in Kennesaw, call Hobson Eye Associates at 770-424-2020.

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