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Posted on 06-20-2016

After counseling with my patients for almost 40 years about cataract surgery, my day for cataract surgery is here!

I arrive at the surgery center at 6:15 am, yes, I will be the first surgery of the day.  Upon arriving, the surgical center staff are so happy, wide awake and make me feel very comfortable.  After signing more forms, I am taken back to the pre-op room.  They put a big dot sticker on my forehead above my left eye, and sign on my gurney that everyone will know, “SURGERY ON LEFT EYE”. 


 Dr. Khator comes in to greet me.  She is so positive that I am going to do great and instills total confidence in me.  I feel very relaxed after talking with her.  My anesthesiologist comes in and he begins my twilight sedation.   I am then wheeled into the surgery room.  Dr. Khator begins…it seems like 10 minutes later she is telling me how great I did and that the surgery went wonderfully.  I was so happy when my wife joined me in the recovery room, the world seemed in sync.  

After they explained post-op procedures and medication in the recovery room, we were off for home.  I was feeling great and we decided to stop for breakfast at First Watch.  When we got home, I did take a short nap.  After lunch, my wife drove me to the office where I got caught up on some paperwork and my desk was all clear.  I even stayed up and watched the NBA Finals that night!  The next morning, I did enjoy removing the patch.  I could see so much better!  I saw patients all day and then went to the Braves game that evening. 

Other than putting in my eye drops and wearing protective eye shield at bed time, I am doing what I always do every day.  I am seeing so much better and my eye feels totally normal.  I feel so blessed to have Dr. Khator and her team taking care of me.  My patients tell me how great they are but I got to experience it first-hand.  Thanks to Dr. Khator and all of her wonderful staff. 

Chris Hobson, OD  -  4 days after surgery


Heather Wilson said:

Dr Hobson - I'm so glad all went well with the cataract surgery. Just wanted to say "hello" ~ I hope the family is doing well. Please tell Mrs. Hobson I said hello. Miss you! Take care. ❤️ ~ Heather

2016-06-20 12:21:40

Kevin Prochaska said:

Glad everything went so well, Dr. Thanks for posting this. It looks pretty easy, and I know that mine will be coming up in a few years and that everything will be okay!

2016-06-25 05:50:44

Sarah Floyd said:

Thank you so much for posting your experience! So glad all went well for you! After being your patient since 2005, now it's my turn to have cataract surgery. Your positive story has given me the confidence to schedule my appointment. See you soon!

2016-06-29 02:51:58

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