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Posted on 10-11-2016

Keeping Eyes Healthy with Polarized Lenses

Healthy eyes and excellent vision requires proper maintenance and measures to protect your eyes. When you have concerns about damage from the sun or the possible risks of getting into an accident due to glare from windows, rain or other items, you may benefit from Kennesaw polarized lenses. Understanding the key factors setting the lenses apart and the advantages of the lenses can help you select the right sunglasses for your eyes and health.

man with polarized sunglasses on after seeing a Kennesaw Optometrist

What are Kennesaw Polarized Lenses?

Kennesaw polarized lenses refer to sunglasses with a filter to limit the glare caused by reflections of light. It also protects your eyes from the sun by altering the rays of the sun before they reach your eyes.

Polarization occurs when the sunglasses have a polarized filter. The filter changes the way your eyes see the light and protects your vision and eyes. As a result of the filter on your sunglasses, only a portion of the light waves pass through and enter your eyes.

Advantages of the Sunglasses

The benefits of polarized sunglasses depend on your situation and goals. Generally, the lenses protect your eyes from blue light and UV light from the sun. Since the light damages your eyes and may contribute to macular degeneration and related eye conditions, the sunglasses limit your exposure to the light. Due to the limited exposure, your vision remains strong and your eyes have a lower risk of certain diseases.

Polarization also impacts your ability to see in different weather conditions. Since the polarized lenses prevent certain light from passing through, it reduces the amount of glare you see when driving or engaging in outdoor activities. It prevents blinding glare from reflections on glass or other objects. The result of limiting glare from reflections of sunlight on glass, water or even rain is a lower risk of getting into an accident.

Working with Professionals to Find the Right Polarized Lenses

After deciding to obtain polarized lenses for your eyes, you want to work with the professionals at Hobson Eye Associates to find the right lenses for your specific needs. Generally, we discuss your plans and the way you intend to use the sunglasses before recommending different options.

We also discuss your preferences for prescriptions. When you need a prescription sunglasses, we may recommend an eye exam to ensure that your vision has not changed and your prescription is up-to-date.

We have several different styles, brands and options to keep your eyes healthy. If you need sunglasses for sports or similar activities, then we may recommend sturdy sunglasses that help protect your eyes while engaging in physical activities. We help you find the right glasses for your needs and goals.

Protecting your vision and eyes with the right sunglasses starts with identifying your needs and goals. At our office, we provide the tools and information you need to find the polarized sunglasses for your plans. To learn more about our sunglasses, call or contact us today.

Ben Allen said:

I appreciate the information on how polarized lenses can benefit me. I had no idea that polarized lenses could help prevent macular degeneration, I thought it was always just there to help reduce glare. My brother is buying some sunglasses soon and was wondering what the benefits of polarized sunglasses were, I will be sure to share this with him.

2016-12-09 07:18:04

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