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Posted on 04-17-2017

The Benefits of Digital Eye Exams in Kennesaw, GA

The science of eye care is always improving, and at Hobson Eye Associates we always strive to use the best and newest technology in our office. We've been caring for patients in Cobb County, GA, for over 37 years, and are dedicated to giving you the best possible vision care. We're now offering digital eye exams for the most accurate and advanced eye care available. These new exams are a giant step forward from traditional exams, giving us the ability to pinpoint future eye problems with greater accuracy than ever before.

digital eye exam

What are Digital Eye Exams?

For traditional eye examinations, our optometrist put dilating drops into your eyes and then use a number of instruments to examine your internal eyesight. This would allow your doctor to see a portion of your eyeball's interior and to diagnose some eye diseases before you noticed any symptoms.

We're proud to announce that we now use the OPTOS digital eye exam system in our office. This system creates a digital snapshot of the inside of your eye, called an Optomap. The Optomap's wide imaging field can show your retina and the surrounding tissue, with a 200-degree view. That's more than half of your eye's interior in one shot. By looking into the OPTOS device, we can get a digital image for use in our office and keep as a reference for your records.

The Advantages of the OPTOS System

Besides the obvious benefit of not having to deal with dilating eye drops in most cases, the Optomap system helps our optometrist with a wide range of optical and medical issues. It provides early detection from eye disease and blindness, long before you notice any symptoms. Some of the more common conditions OPTOS can use to diagnose are:

  • Cataracts

  • Macular degeneration

  • Diabetic retinopathy

  • Cancer

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Early signs of stroke

Early diagnosis is key in treating any eye disease or condition. While not all eye diseases are curable, treatment can always help to delay the deterioration of your eyesight and can delay or prevent blindness if the condition is caught and treated early enough. In addition, when our doctor notices signs of other medical conditions, you can take the information to your general practitioner for further medical treatment.

About the Optomap Imaging

There is absolutely no pain or discomfort connected with getting an OPTOS digital eye exam. You look into the device with one eye, as if you were looking into a keyhole. You'll see a flash of light, much like a camera flash. This takes less than a second, and the pictures are ready immediately. OPTOS digital imaging is completely safe for children; in fact, it can reveal many childhood eye problems that would otherwise be difficult to diagnose. Your Optomap pictures will stay on file in our office, where they'll be useful references every time you come back for your regular eye exams.

Call Us Today To Schedule A Digital Eye Examination!

If you haven't had your eyes examined in at least a year, it's time for a checkup. Call our office at 770-424-2020 to make an appointment.

Derek Dewitt said:

I had no idea that eye exams could be done digitally these days. My wife has been thinking about getting a checkup soon, so this might be something we do. I like that you mention how digital eye exams allow doctors to see the interior or your eye and diagnose any diseases. Thanks for sharing!

2018-01-04 10:28:38

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