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Posted on 10-31-2017

Safety First: Wearing Colored Contacts This Halloween 2017

              Woman wearing colored contacts for Halloween 2017

Colored contacts are popular year round. However, during the Halloween season, many people want a unique look to complement their costume or to celebrate the season of spooks with creepy eye patterns. Whether you want black eyes, cat eyes, yellow eyes, doll eyes, white eyes or a unique pattern that covers the entire eye, you will need to get a prescription from an eye doctor in Kennesaw to legally obtain them and to safely wear them. After all, contacts are medical devices that require a valid prescription even if they are not corrective lenses. This is to ensure proper fit and prevent issues such as infections and corneal ulcers.

What You Need to Know About Halloween Contact Lenses

Our eye doctors in Kennesaw, GA cannot emphasize strongly enough just how vital it is to see an eye care professional to be properly fitted for colored contacts even if they are just for show and not for vision correction. We know that several online retailers offer Halloween and colored contact lenses without prescriptions. However, those companies are doing so illegally and shouldn’t be trusted, as they are reputed to sell expired lenses and those that aren’t sterilized. Don’t take chances with your vision for one night of fun—contact our eye doctor in Kennesaw for an appointment so you can obtain safe, legal contacts to highlight your spooky look.

Halloween Contacts Safety Checklist

If you’re looking for specialty colored contacts, we recommend the following as a safety checklist to ensure you have a fun and safe experience.

  1. Visit your eye doctor for a lens fitting and eye examination.
  2. Only buy colored lenses from a licensed retailer that requires you to have a prescription to prevent any type of eye problems.
  3. Carefully follow the instructions that come with your contacts concerning care, cleaning, and proper use.
  4. While it may seem fun to swap out your special effects contact lenses, sharing them can lead to bacterial infections and serious eye complications that can lead to vision loss.
  5. Don’t sleep in your contacts, as most colored contacts aren’t designed for overnight use.
  6. Wear hypoallergenic non-toxic makeup when wearing your lenses to prevent contamination.
  7. Be aware that false eyelashes can also cause eye irritation, so use caution if wearing both your lenses and eyelash extensions.
  8. If you have any type of eye dryness, redness, discomfort or swelling, remove the lenses immediately and see an eye doctor in Kennesaw as soon as possible to check for any infections or eye damage.

By following this simple list, you will be on the right track for a happy Halloween to show off your new creepy look.

Need a Colored Contact Lens Exam for Halloween Eyes?

If you want to try a new look to highlight your costume this year, don’t take any chances with shady online retailers that don’t require a prescription. Contact Hobson Eye Associates in Kennesaw, GA at 770-424-2020 today to schedule an appointment or consultation with our experienced eye doctors. We’ll help you get the prescription you need and assist you in finding authorized retailers for the lenses you desire.

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