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Posted on 05-16-2018

What Can You Expect After Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts can cloud your vision as you get older. Although they don’t usually cause problems at first, they can end up making it hard or even impossible for you to drive and do daily tasks. If you need cataract surgery in Kennesaw, what can you expect after you have it done? Learn more about the recovery process after this procedure.

older woman receiving an eye exam

Immediate Effects

After undergoing cataract surgery, you can expect to have blurry vision, which should get better in a few days. During this time, your eye is healing from the procedure and adjusting to having cataracts removed. You might experience slight discomfort and itching within the first couple of days after your procedure. Do not rub your eye in order to relieve itching, since this can affect the healing process. For the first few days after surgery, you might need to wear an eye patch to protect your eye as it heals. You might also need to use eyedrops or other types of medication to lower your risk of infection or reduce inflammation. 

Office Visits in Kennesaw

Our eye doctor in Kennesaw will have you schedule a follow-up visit a day or two after surgery to check on your eye. You can also expect to come in for another follow-up visit about one week after your procedure and about one month afterward. These visits allow our optometrist to check on your eye to make sure that it is healing properly. You might also need to come in about one to three months after surgery for an updated eyeglass prescription.

What to Watch For

It should take about eight weeks or less for your eye to fully heal. You should contact our eye doctor right away if you have any vision loss, pain that does not go away, severe redness or flashes or floaters. 

Contact Our Optometrist in Kennesaw

If you have symptoms of cataracts, please contact Hobson Eye Associates to set up an appointment. Our optometrist in Kennesaw can evaluate your eyes and determine if you need cataract surgery or other care to protect your vision.

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