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Blue Light Blocker Glasses

Blue light may look pretty, but certain frequencies of it can do ugly things to your eyes. A particular type of blue light known as HEV (high-energy visible) light can cause eye strain and irritation, and it may even play a role in a serious eye disease called macular degeneration. Unfortunately, HEV light also happens to be everywhere -- especially in this era of computer monitors and smartphone screens. But your friends at Hobson Eye Associates can help you enjoy greater comfort, less glare and even better ocular health, thanks to options such as our blue light blocker glasses.

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Blue Light Can Be Bad for Your Eyes

HEV light has a wavelength of 380 to 500 nanometers, which puts it just above ultraviolet light on the spectrum. You may already be aware of the dangers of UV light, with its potential to cause or worsen eye disorders such as cataracts, even though it's not visible to the eye. HEV is visible within the violet to blue color range, and it can have several negative effects on your eyes. Excessive exposure to blue light can irritate the cornea and/or conjunctiva of the eye -- and like UV energy, it can promote cataract formation. Perhaps most frightening is its potential to damage the part of the retina that registers central vision, a region called the macula. This damage can spur progressive macular degeneration. Too much blue light can even disrupt your body's sleep-wake cycle, causing insomnia.

While most of the HEV light you encounter is outdoors (the sky is blue, after all!), many people are receiving countless hours of close-up exposure from the screens of their electronic devices. Flat screen televisions, cell phones, e-readers, and laptop computers all emit copious amounts of blue light. You can't just abandon all use of these devices, but you can do the next best thing by protecting your eyes against their HEV emissions.

Blue Light Blocker Glasses at Hobson Eye Associates

Luckily, much of the blue portion of the spectrum can be filtered out so that they never reach your eyes, thanks to innovations such as blue light blocker glasses. The lenses of these glasses are tinted an orange, amber or yellow color to stop those blue light waves in their tracks. By wearing these glasses whenever you work at your computer or consult the screens of your mobile devices, you'll not only be protecting your eyes from harmful and irritating HEV radiation, but you may even find it much easier to sleep at night. 

Our experienced team at Hobson Eye Associates can help you choose from various kinds of blue light blocking options. You can have prescription computer glasses made with a blue-blocking lens coating, you can use wraparound blue blocker glasses designed to fit over your everyday eyeglasses. We can even help you choose blue locker sunglasses or clip-ons. Call 770-424-2020 today to learn more about blue blocker glasses at Hobson Eye Associates!

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