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Sunglasses for Babies

At Hobson Eye Associates, we know that good eye care always begins at birth. It's easier to prevent developmental complications and correct vision problems if we can detect abnormalities early, so your baby's health care regimen should also include regular eye exams. However, it's even better to prevent vision problems and eye damage from occurring at all. We help parents protect their baby's eye health with regular screenings and a wide selection of sunglasses for babies.

If your baby doesn't wear protective eyewear yet, Hobson Eye Associates has your solution. Learn why sunglasses for babies are so important, especially in sunny Georgia, before you browse our designer sunglass frames at our Kennesaw optometry center.

The Benefits of Sunglasses for Babies in Kennesaw

baby wearing a pear of pink sunglassesThe sun's harsh ultraviolet rays cause eye damage for adults and children alike, but babies' eyes are particularly sensitive to UV light. Wide-brimmed hats will keep some direct sunlight out of their faces, and there are also helpful sunscreen supplements that help to cover your baby's skin. However, hats still allow at least 50 percent of the sun's UV rays to pass through or around them.

Sunglasses are the only way to filter out the majority of UV rays. UV-resistant sunglass lenses can block up to 99 percent of all UV light, preventing it from causing cataracts or damaging your child's retinas later in life. Protect your baby's eyes from Georgia's subtropical sunshine with a pair of sunglasses that's just the right size.

Baby-proof sunglasses and accessories

Wondering which types of sunglasses are best for babies? Our eyewear collection in Kennesaw, Georgia, includes a variety of baby-proof sunglasses and accessories. Their alternative features, materials, and accessories were designed with babies in mind.  

  • Break-resistant frames are flexible enough to bend when a child sits or leans on them, rather than snapping apart. They may include softer versions of the risky features that usually keep sunglasses in place (corners, hinges and plastic nose bridges).

  • Shatterproof lenses feature strong polycarbonate and other synthetic, durable materials, which are coated to resist impact without shattering (unlike glass) or scratching (unlike plastic). These imperfections aren't just superficial; they interfere with your baby's line of sight, causing squinting and possible headaches.

  • Anti-reflective lenses have protective coatings that make them more transparent. Your baby actually needs sunglasses that aren't too dark, because they reduce dilation and minimize the amount of light that enters each eye.

  • Elastic head straps fit comfortably around your baby's head and prevent the protective gear from slipping or falling off.  

  • Centered sunglasses are symmetrical, allowing babies to put them on from any direction instead of struggling to put them on "right-side-up."  

To prevent discomfort and slipping, sunglass frames should match the size of your baby's head, and lenses should be the right shape and size to fully cover your child's eyes. At Hobson Eye Associates, our team is ready to help you find the pair that fits. Call us today at 770-424-2020 to schedule an appointment!

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