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Contact Lens Evaluation From Our Eye Doctors in Kennesaw 

When you visit Hobson Eye Associates for your eye care needs, you’ll receive comprehensive support and guidance. We aim to provide you with every type of care that you may need including contact lenses. Not every patient will benefit from the use of contact lenses. Many people do benefit from them. If you are considering contacts, schedule a consultation with us in our Kennesaw office.


Are Contact Lenses Right for You?

Contact lenses are thin, flexible and inflexible films placed in the eyes. They help to change the shape of the lens of the eye to improve vision. A large variety of products exists today, each one working to correct the vision in the manner necessary. Contact lenses can improve vision for many people with farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Some patients with more extreme cases of vision loss can benefit from contact lenses because eyeglasses may not be possible or practical. To find out if they can work for your needs, you’ll need a formal evaluation for them.

What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam?

If you would like a contact lens exam, schedule an appointment for one specifically in our offices. These differ from traditional eye exams. We will still provide a thorough eye exam in that we will still test and rate your vision acuity (how good your vision is) as well as look at your eye health. Our goal is to know what refraction quality your vision is at so that we can provide the right prescription for you. We also will ensure your eyes are healthy enough for contacts.

For the contact lens exam, we go a step further. We’ll also need to take measurements of your eyes to fit you for contacts. The goal here is to ensure we choose the right type of contact lenses for your needs. We’ll talk about the difference in hard and soft lenses. And, we’ll talk about and make recommendations for the type of lenses based on how frequently you’ll need to remove them and change them. With a range of products available, we can often find the contact lenses right for your specific needs.

What Else You Can Expect During a Contacts Exam

During your contacts exam, you can expect a full vision screening and eye exam. These are noninvasive steps we take to look at your vision. We’ll also use a small tool to measure your eyes for the contact lens fitting. Generally, this only takes a few extra minutes. Then, we’ll talk to you about the types of contacts that may work for your eyes and make recommendations for you.

Not only do we conduct a full vision screening, we also teach you about lenses, including how they work, how to place them in your eyes, and how to care for them. Your contact lenses exam will also include a practice session where we’ll help you to become proficient at fitting your lenses.

Contacts are an investment in your eyes and your time. With proper care, contacts can allow you to avoid wearing glasses on a regular basis. However, we will still recommend purchasing prescription eyeglasses to wear when you are not using your contacts.

Schedule a Consultation and Contact Lens Exam in Kennesaw Today

Come in to speak to the team at Hobson Eye Associates to discuss your needs. You can get a contact lens exam in Kennesaw by calling our offices today. Call 770-424-2020.

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