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Hobson Eye Associates Daily Disposable Lenses

At Hobson Eye Associates, our optometrist strives to offer the latest options in vision correction and contact lenses. We are pleased to have daily disposable lenses. If you want the convenience of contacts, yet do not want to spend time on maintenance and care, these lenses may be the perfect solution for you. Learn about the benefits of daily disposable contacts and how these lenses work.Daily Disposable Lenses in Kennesaw

What are daily disposable contact lenses?

As their name suggests, daily disposable contact lenses are meant to be worn for a day only. Instead of caring for the lenses when you remove them at night, you simply throw them away. In the morning, you put in a fresh pair of contacts. Daily disposables are one type of disposable contacts; others are intended for longer-term wear. 

Daily disposable lenses are not intended to be worn at night. 

While daily disposable contacts are more expensive than long-wear contacts, they have a range of benefits. We often recommend daily disposable lenses to our patients who wear contacts. 

What are the benefits of using daily disposable lenses?

Daily disposable contacts have many benefits for you, including: 

  • Better on the eyes - We often say that daily disposable lenses are healthier or better on the eyes. Why? When you only wear lenses for one day and then throw them away, you reduce the amount of time that bacteria can develop on lenses. As a result, your eyes will not be exposes to harmful pathogens or bacteria. In contrast, when you reuse contacts, you must take care to clean and maintain them or you risk your eye health. If you have eye allergies, you may suffer from fewer flare-ups when you switch to disposable contacts. 
  • Convenient - These lenses are very convenient since you do not need to perform maintenance. If you travel a lot, you must try these. When you don't have to spend time every day caring for your contacts, you will save time. 
  • Simple to use - It's so simple to remember how to take care of disposable contacts that we recommend these for teens, adults, and anyone who wants a simple yet effective eye care routine. We often recommend daily disposables for teenagers who tend to lose things and may not be ready for nightly maintenance of contact lenses. Yet we know that anyone will enjoy switching from a contacts routine that needs calendar reminders to one that is so simple to implement and remember.

 More Information at our Kennesaw Office

If you are interested in getting daily disposable lenses, the first step is a contact lens exam from our optometrists. Visit us at our Kennesaw location or schedule your exam on our website or by calling us at 770-424-2020.

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