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Kennesaw Eye Doctor Discusses Monthly Contacts

               Our Kennesaw Eye Doctor prescribing monthly contacts to patient

Monthly contacts are contact lenses that you wear for one to three months, as directed by our Kennesaw eye doctor, and then throw away. Unlike other types of contact lenses, you can even sleep in monthly contact lenses. You can wear some monthly contacts for as long as seven straight days without taking them out of your eyes.

You cannot wear other types of contact lenses while you sleep. Wearing contact lenses not approved for use while sleeping can harm your eyes because these lenses deprive your eyes of oxygen. Wearing regular contact lenses while you sleep can increase your risk for serious eye problems that involve the cornea, which is the clear protective layer of tissue covering the front of your eye. Sleeping with regular contact lenses in can cause infections in the cornea and corneal neovascularization, a condition where blood vessels intrude into the whites of your eyes.

Monthly Contacts are Comfortable

When you have your eyes open during the day, your eyes absorb oxygen into your cornea. Monthly contact lenses are usually silicone hydrogel lenses that have higher gas permeability, which means more oxygen passes through monthly contact lenses than through traditional contact lenses. In fact, monthly contact lenses can allow five times the oxygen through the lens – or even more – than standard contacts.

The silicone hydrogel material in monthly contact lenses may also be more comfortable because it allows more oxygen through to your eyes. The material helps your eyes “breathe” better and maintain the correct amount of moisture to provide maximum comfort and clear vision.

Because you will be using monthly contacts longer than other types of lenses, monthly contact lenses require special care. Unlike daily contact lenses that you insert into your eye in the morning and throw away at night, you will store your monthly contacts in a cleaning solution overnight. While you can sleep in them, thorough cleaning prevents the accumulation of film and bacteria that can blur your vision and cause eye problems.

Why Choose Monthly Contacts?

Choosing a contact lens schedule is a matter of personal preference. Daily contacts are convenient and easy to use, for example, making them perfect for first-time wearers or those with busy lifestyles. 2-week contact lenses require basic care but last for up to two weeks.

Monthly contacts may be right for you if you want to sleep in your contacts occasionally, or if you want to re-use your contacts for a longer time. Since you purchase fewer lenses throughout the year and throw them away every month instead of every day, you may save a little money in overall costs with monthly contacts compared with daily contact lenses. This also translates into less waste, which is important for eco-conscious wearers.

Our Kennesaw eye doctor can help you decide between monthly contacts, biweekly, or daily contact lenses. We will examine your eyes, evaluate your vision, and prescribe contacts that fit your eyes as needed for clear, comfortable vision.

Contact Our Kennesaw Eye Doctor to Schedule an Appointment Today

If you wear contacts and want to increase comfort and convenience of your contact lenses, talk with our Kennesaw eye doctor about monthly contact lenses. Hobson Eye Associates is conveniently located at 1415 Wooten Lake Road NW #100 in Kennesaw, GA. Make an appointment today by calling 770-424-2020.

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