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Possible Reasons for Your Dry Eye Issues In Kennesaw, GA

Everyone's eye can feel a bit dry or irritated from time to time, for any number of reasons. But if you suffer from a chronic case of dry eye, your eyes may plague you with constant discomfort, fatigue and impaired vision. To make matters worse, continuous dryness can lead to secondary eye diseases and disorders. That's why it's good to know that you have to suffer with this annoying problem when you've got Hobson Eye Associates on your side. Our Kennesaw, GA optometry team can discover the underlying cause of your dry eye issues and provide a range of treatment recommendations to bring you soothing relief and healthier, more functional eyes.Woman in Kennesaw, GA getting eye exam for dry eyes

The eyes are delicate, sensitive organs that require protection from outside threats. This protection comes in the form a three-layered tear film. Tears contain a lipid layer, a mucous layer, and of course the familiar water layer. The lipid layer lubricates the eyelid's motions over the eye surface, while the mucous layer protects against infections and the water layer keeps the eye hydrated. If these three ingredients are produced in the wrong balance, or in insufficient volume, a chronic case of dry eye may result.

Dry eyes typically produce symptoms such as redness in the eye, itching or "foreign body" sensations, soreness and blurry vision. Oddly enough, watery eyes can also be a symptom of dry eye, due to the tear ducts' attempts to overcompensate for imbalances tear film. If you let the problem go untreated, the unprotected eyes may be vulnerable to bacteria, damage from debris or even scarring of the corneas.

Trust the Dry Eye Experts at Hobson Eye Associates In Kennesaw

Here are Hobson Eye Associates in Kennesaw, Dr. Hobson, Dr. Zutaut and Dr. Hall are highly skilled at diagnosing and treating chronic eye dryness. We can analyze your tear film composition and tear production to see exactly what your eyes are (or aren't) getting. We also evaluate your medical history and lifestyle habits carefully, looking for known causes of dry eye such as:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Tear gland dysfunction
  • Eye surgery complications
  • Antihistamines or other drying medications
  • Conditions such as Bell's palsy that afflict your eyelid's ability to stay closed
  • Thyroid problems
  • Constant computer usage, which makes the eyes "forget" to blink
  • Exposure to ceiling fans, wind and other dry air sources

Once we've isolated the cause or causes of your condition, we can prescribe the appropriate treatment. Artificial tears and other eye drops used as needed can provide quick, soothing short-term relief. If you have an untreated medical condition, we can direct your primary care physician's attention to the problem; your doctor may also need to switch you to non-drying medication alternatives wherever possible. Lifestyle adjustments such as not working under fans, taking regular computer breaks and wearing eye protection in the wind can all prove helpful.

Don't let your dry eyes irritate you any longer. Contact us at 770-424-2020 for a consultation at Hobson Eye Associates!

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