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Low Vision Care at Hobson Eye Associates in Kennesaw, GA

Some vision problems can be fixed or may heal themselves, while others regrettably cannot be. If a progressive eye disease or underlying health condition has permanently deprived you of some of your eyesight, you're one of the many Americans dealing with low vision. Whether you're concerned about getting the most out of your remaining eyesight or you're looking for ways to keep low vision from becoming part of your life, Hobson Eye Associates in Kennesaw, GA can provide you with the treatment or preventative care to help you achieve your goal.

Understanding Low Vision

A variety of problems can lead to partial vision loss. The most dramatic causes include acute eye or brain injuries that interfere with the collection of light, control over eye muscles, or the processing of visual signals into recognizable images. Slow-growing eye diseases can also cause vision loss by destroying certain structures in the eye. Glaucoma, for instance, damages the optic nerves, while macular degeneration damages the cells that receive data for your central visual field. Cataracts block the passage of light through the lens at the front of the eye.

While some of these issues can lead to total blindness if untreated, people with low vision can still see to some extent. Macular degeneration leaves you with peripheral vision, while glaucoma tends to rob you of your peripheral vision first. Cataracts may make objects appear blurry or hazy while making the night time vision a challenge, but they may take several years to produce debilitating visual impairment.

Treatment and Prevention at Our Kennesaw Optometry Center

Our Kennesaw optometry center can help you cope with your low vision issue -- beginning with any necessary treatment of its underlying cause. If we can greatly slow or even arrest the progress of your particular ailment, we may be able to keep your vision in a usable state. Medications, lifestyle changes, and other treatment methods can help control even the most damaging eye diseases. We can also recommend a variety of assistive devices to help you read, work, watch TV, and get around more safely. These may include magnifying stands or handheld magnifying glasses, reading prisms, video magnifiers, telescopic eyeglass lenses, and light-filtering or glare-reducing lenses.

Prevention of low vision begins with regular eye and vision exams at our eye care center. The earlier we spot a progressive eye disease, the more of your eyesight we can spare. we can also recommend healthy practices for keeping your eyes in top condition. 

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