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Eye Care for Children

You might think of eye exams and vision screenings as only necessary for adults, but the truth is that eye care is important at all stages of life, including childhood. In fact, pediatric eye care can make all the difference, not in helping your child see better, but in giving him or her the right start in life in terms of physiological development and academic achievement. Here at Hobson Eye Associates, we're dedicated to helping the children of Kennesaw, GA get the most of life through optimal vision and eye care.

Pediatric Eye Care at Hobson Eye Associates

Infants can't provide verbal feedback on a vision test, and for the first three months of life their clarity of vision is limited to close-range objects. But eye examinations can still prove crucial for detecting and dealing with any eye abnormalities that might cause low, blurred or double vision as the child continues to grow. During the first couple of years of a child's life, the eyes and the brain learn how to work together to process and interpret visual data, so we need to smooth that path as best we can by correcting any abnormalities as early as possible. Your child should have his or her first eye exam at the age of six months. This allows us to check for any signs of extreme refractive errors, eye tracking problems or eye diseases. 

child_eye_examAs your child enters school age, other eye issues may become apparent. This is the age when refractive errors become more obvious, because the child can communicate to us any difficulties in making out letters or objects at various distances. Prescribing corrective lenses as soon as they're needed can do wonders for a child's ability to learn by making reading much easier and reducing the risk of eye strain, headaches and developmental delays.

Other childhood eye problems that may need correcting include amblyopia and strabismus. Amblyopia, or "lazy eye," occurs when insufficient stimulation of the brain by the optic nerves allows one eye to become dominant over the other eye. This may be a result of low vision in one eye. Eye drops, eye patching and other treatments can usually correct this issue. Strabismus, a misalignment of the eyes that can cause double vision, can often be corrected by vision therapy. Vision therapy, also called orthoptics, is the use of special exercises and other techniques to re-train the eyes so they can converge and focus properly, allowing for clear, normal vision.

In rare cases, a childhood eye problem may require surgical correction. Rest assured that, in the event of surgery, your friends at Hobson Eyes Associates are here to help through all stages of this process. We can perform the necessary pre-operative testing, refer you to a highly-regarded pediatric eye surgeon, and provide all of the follow-up examinations and aftercare your child may require.

Give your child's eyes a great start in life by scheduling pediatric eye exams and vision testing at Hobson Eye Associates. You're never too young to enjoy the benefits of clear vision!

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