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Macular Degeneration Treatment From Your Kennesaw Optometrist

Many patients who are least 60 and who visit our Hobson Eye Associates practice in Kennesaw, GA are surprised to receive an age-related macular degeneration (AMD) diagnosis.  This disorder robs an individual of central vision.  The earlier treatment begins, the better the potential outcome, our optometrist explains.

Macular Degeneration

AMD Overview

AMD is a disorder of the eye that over time steals the sharp vision of the central visual field.  It is common in patients older than 60 and occurs most frequently in individuals who are at least 75.

The role of the macula, which is part of the retina, is providing sharp vision that allows an individual to see details.  When blood vessels supplying the macula incur damage, the result is AMD.

Our doctor notes that there are two types of AMD.  Around 90 percent of patients experience the dry form, in which yellow deposits known as drusen collect.  Wet AMD involves the development of abnormal blood vessels beneath the macula that can leak blood and other fluids.  This type is responsible for most of the loss of vision that AMD patients experience.  Most cases of wet AMD began with dry AMD.

Patients with early AMD might notice no symptoms.  Over time, however, central vision distortion occurs.

For dry AMD patients, colors might appear faded.  Objects viewed in the central visual field sometimes look dim and even distorted.  Reading might become difficult as the collection of drusen grows.  Some patients with advanced dry AMD are unable to see faces clearly unless very close to them.

With wet AMD, the most frequent early sign is distortion of straight lines.  Some patients notice a dark spot in their central vision that gradually enlarges. 

AMD risk factors include genetics, Caucasian ethnicity, smoking cigarettes, being female, and consuming a diet high in fat.

Treatment Options for Macular Degeneration

The key to early diagnosis and treatment of either form of macular degeneration is regular eye exams.  During a comprehensive exam using advanced eye technology, our doctor will search for changes in the retina and for the presence of drusen.  Various special tests are useful for assessing the condition of each eye.  A common manual test is viewing an Amsler grid for signs of straight lines that appear wavy.

No AMD treatment can restore vision already lost.  With early cases, certain supplements commonly called the AREDS formula can help prevent progression.  A diet rich in leafy green vegetables might lower the risk for AMD.  Laser surgery, eye injections, and other therapies can help some individuals with wet AMD.  Many patients take advantage of aids for low vision such as special corrective lenses.

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Improve your odds of avoiding vision loss from AMD or another eye disease with regular eye exams at our Hobson Eye Associates practice.  Each Kennesaw optometrist in our practice provides complete optometric services, from vision screenings to treating diseases and prescribing glasses or contact lenses.  We also carry low-vision aids such as magnifiers.  Call us today at 770-424-2020 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors and protect your vision.

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